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First test animation with Tupí

Posted on Sunday, February 10, 2013
in Category Howto

I always liked playing with animations, in the past I used Blender most of the time, but for some things that’s not the best tool. So I looked around for something that makes 2D animations easy and stumbled on Tupí. Since I love danger I decided to not use the Debian packages but to compile from git. After some trouble with ffmpeg vs. libav (thanks Gustav for telling me what was wrong) everything compiled smoothly.

As my first project I decided to do something that I couldn’t (easily) do in Blender – a drawn animation. So I started xawtv and captured a few seconds worth of video frames, scaled them up with mogrify and imported them into Tupí. Then I started tracing the frames on a second layer.

To make a long story short: the biggest problem were extremely frequent crashes of Tupí and me not being used to the user interface (I kept hitting +/- to zoom all the time which added new frames/asked to remove them). I also need to find out how to work with the node tool, I couldn’t find a way to add or delete nodes from a path. Well, RTFM I guess.

Download for better quality.