libre graphics meeting


2014-03-19 18:18:13<F_S> hello
2014-03-19 18:34:56<F_S> i added another post to the blog ... not sure an epub version is world news but can't think of anything else right now
2014-03-19 18:35:11<F_S> patdavid maybe you can embellish a bit?
2014-03-19 18:35:34<patdavid> F_S, i'm awake!
2014-03-19 18:36:12<patdavid> F_S, not sure what else I can really add...
2014-03-19 18:36:29<F_S> hey
2014-03-19 18:36:38<patdavid> Actually, I also think the static post at the top of the page should include a direct link to the program and be updated to reflect this
2014-03-19 18:36:41<F_S> hmm me neither, obviously
2014-03-19 18:36:54<patdavid> someone coming to the site shouldn't have to hunt through old posts to find the program
2014-03-19 18:37:11<F_S> well there's the link in the menu?
2014-03-19 18:38:12<F_S> btw 121 inscribe is pretty good
2014-03-19 18:38:25<patdavid> 121 inscribe?
2014-03-19 18:40:06<F_S> eh sorry 121 people have signed up
2014-03-19 18:40:14<patdavid> ah, gotcha
2014-03-19 18:40:21<patdavid> i'm really looking forward to this, personally
2014-03-19 18:40:28<F_S> sorry going between too many languages
2014-03-19 18:42:08<F_S> yes i think it is going to be a nice time
2014-03-19 18:42:38<F_S> many people around me excited to go there in fact
2014-03-19 18:42:56<F_S> pippin brought up the issue of the video archive
2014-03-19 18:43:18<F_S> does anyone know if he found a solution for it?
2014-03-19 18:43:28<patdavid> i do not know
2014-03-19 18:44:30<F_S> me neither. any other issues you know of?
2014-03-19 18:44:35<F_S> (i have another meeting starting in 15 mins)
2014-03-19 18:44:47<patdavid> outside of the link the main post, no.
2014-03-19 18:44:54<patdavid> i've been out of the loop busy IRL
2014-03-19 18:45:03<patdavid> haven't even had time to work on my workshop stuff or presentation
2014-03-19 18:45:05<patdavid> :(
2014-03-19 18:45:09<F_S> me too but time is going fast now
2014-03-19 18:45:13<F_S> ah
2014-03-19 18:49:29<a-l-e> hi
2014-03-19 18:49:36<a-l-e> i've created a form to upload the slides.
2014-03-19 18:49:53<a-l-e> if you like the way to do it, i can extend it to submit new titles / description / presentations
2014-03-19 18:50:07* a-l-e is bringin out the trash and will be back soon...
2014-03-19 18:51:16<a-l-e>
2014-03-19 18:57:56<F_S> hey a-l-e
2014-03-19 18:58:22<F_S> :-)
2014-03-19 18:58:44<a-l-e> ciao femke
2014-03-19 19:00:17<F_S> so the key is something pippin communicates with people?
2014-03-19 19:01:19<F_S> and the idea is to upload a zip/tar ?
2014-03-19 19:04:36<a-l-e> i would send an email to each presenter, telling the definitive time and day, the key and the links where they can submit the slides + the changes
2014-03-19 19:06:07<a-l-e> and it's not for the state of the union.
2014-03-19 19:06:17<a-l-e> it's for the slides attached to each talk.

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